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Difference Between Full Pre-Existing & Acute Onset Plans


Most visitors insurance provides something called “Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions” – with restrictions on what will be covered and when it will be covered. Some plans covers all pre-existing conditions with True Pre-Existing Coverage. This means the plan cover any in-patient, out-patient, urgent care, specialist, doctor visits, anything related to pre-existing conditions and treats pre-existing conditions like new sicknesses. Here are few scenarios below that can help demonstrate the value of a full pre-existing plan vs. an acute onset plan:


Coverage under Full Pre-Existing Plans

Coverage under Acute Onset Plan

My father had a heart attack a few years ago. After his travel to the US, he started experiencing heart pain. I took him to the cardiologist. Is this covered? Yes. Cardiologist visits are covered underneath a Full Pre-Existing coverage plan. No. This is not a covered medical expense.
My mother-in-law has been experiencing heart pain for last few days, and had a heart attack on the last day. Is this covered? Yes. Under a Full Pre-Existing Plan, there is not time limitation between symptoms and seeking care. No. Because you did not seek medical attention within 24 hours after first exhibiting symptoms, you will not be covered by an Acute Onset Plan.
My uncle had cancer a few years ago. He is on a Green Card and has been living in the US. Recently, the cancer has come back. Is this covered? Yes. Chemotherapy & Radiation treatment are covered under this plan. One note- the cancer diagnosis must occur after the effective date. No. Acute onset plans do not cover any cancer treatment.
My cousin had a back injury a few years back. He recently starting feeling back pain and went to seek the advise of a Chiropractor & get physical therapy. Is this covered? Yes. Chiropractic care & physical therapy regarding pre-existing conditions are covered underneath full pre-existing plans. No. Acute onset will not cover any outpatient care regarding physical therapy or chiropractic care.
My aunt had a sudden heart attack. After staying a few days in the hospital, she needs prescription drugs, follow up blood tests, and doctors visits. Are these covered? Yes. Any sudden medical event, along with any follow up visits, i.e. blood tests, x-rays, EKG, etc., will be covered by full pre-existing plans. No. Only the hospitalization may be covered by an Acute Onset plan- although many plans have exclusions which prevent any claims from being paid.
My mother is diabetic. She was prescribed
medication but often forgets to take it often. She experienced a diabetic shock and needed to visit the emergency room. Will this emergency visit be covered?
Yes. Our plans cover you no matter whether your visitor was taking their prescribed medication of not. Full pre-existing plans will cover no matter what happens. No. Many acute onset plans will not cover any medical incident if your visitor is not taking the prescribed medications on a regular basis.
My dad just arrived 1 week ago, and has developed acute renal failure from a Urinary Tract Infection. Will this be covered? Yes, Kidney Infections, Urinary Tract Infections, and other issues of the sort will be covered by ​all INF Plans. No. All other Acute Onset plans will consider this issue pre-existing or have language in their policy to specifically exclude these issues in the policy.
My mom has a heart condition. Due to the stress of international travel, she suffered a cardiac event only 1 day after she arrived in the US. Would this be covered? Yes. There is no delay in benefits with any INF Plan. As long as you are enrolled in the plan before your visitor arrives, coverage will be afforded to your family. No. Most acute onset plans have a 48 hour delay for benefits acute onset of pre-existing conditions to being after the arrival date.

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