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INF Plans - Additional benefits


Dental, Vision Discount Program

  • Access to a Careington discount program at no additional cost is included in the INF Elite IVAS Plan.
  • Careington coordinates this discount program, which provides savings on Dental, Vision, Prescription, & Hearing products & services in the United States.
  • The discount program provides savings of up to 50% for Dental procedures.
    For more information on benefits of the discount program, visit the page on the Discount Card Program.
  • Please note that the discount card program is not an insurance product and is not insured by Crum & Forster SPC.


Doctor Please!

  • Plan members have access to Doctor Please!, a telehealth feature that allows them to access medical care from their own homes for non-life threatening conditions.
  • Doctor Please! is accessed through INF Robin Assist and allows members to video or audio chat with a doctor who can send prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy if required.
  • Doctor Please! is not an insurance product and is not affiliated with Crum & Forster SPC. Any eligible benefits are paid under the terms of the IVAS insurance policy.


Priority Pass

  • Plan members also receive access to Priority Pass, a lounge program that provides access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide, regardless of airline or class of travel.
  • Priority Pass benefits include access to a quiet and comfortable space, complimentary food and drinks, fast Wi-Fi, and other amenities to make traveling less stressful.
  • Priority Pass is not an insurance product and is not affiliated with Crum & Forster SPC.
  • VIP airport assistance is a premium service offered by INF-Robin Assist for travelers.
  • The service provides personalized, high-end support throughout the airport experience.
  • VIP airport assistance can include amenities such as fast-track immigration and security, private transportation, exclusive lounge access, and assistance with baggage and check-in.
  • The goal of VIP airport assistance is to make the travel experience as seamless and comfortable as possible, while providing a high level of personal attention and luxury.
  • There may be a fee associated with this service.
  • This is not an insurance product and is not affiliated with Crum & Forster SPC