SafeVista Traveler is an insurance plan specializing in coverage for non-US residents under the age of 70 who are traveling internationally. The policy extends coverage to the insured's dependents, including their lawful spouse and unmarried children, provided they are traveling together and dependent coverage has been selected and paid for. SafeVista Traveler prioritizes offering extensive benefits and reassurance to enable travelers to confidently manage unforeseen medical emergencies while abroad. SafeVista Traveler provides coverage for Acute onset of pre-existing conditions as defined in the plan, as per policy limitations, exclusions, and maximums, with no benefit waiting period.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Flexible Deductibles
  • Acute Onset Protection
  • Low Co-insurance Rate
  • Ultra Low Cost
  • Urgent Care Benefit
  • Utilizes the United HealthCare Options PPO
Key Highlights

Best Suitable Plan For

Parents visiting USA
B1/B2 Visa Holders to the USA
Plan Details


INF Visitor Care

Coverage Type

Comprehensive Coverage

Plan Eligibility
All non-US resident plan members ages 69 and under of the Policyholder who are traveling outside of their Home Country.

Your Dependents (lawful spouse and unmarried children, subject to Dependent age limits in the state where the Policy is issued) are also covered, if they are traveling with you and you have
elected and paid for Dependent coverage.
Policy Maximum, Deductibles & Medical Coverage Limits

Maximum Benefit Period

The earlier of the date the Covered Person’s Trip ends, or 364 days from the date of a Covered Accident or Sickness

Total Maximum for all Accident or Sickness Expense Benefits:

Options: $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000

Deductible options

Deductible per Injury/Sickness
Options: $0, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000

Coinsurance (In-Network)

Insurance pays 100%/80% Insured pays 0%/20%

Coinsurance (Out-of-Network)

Insurance pays 50%/50% of Usual, Reasonable & Customary (URC) Charges
Insured pays 50%/50%

Pre-Existing Conditions

Acute Episode of a Pre-existing Condition

Up to Maximum Benefit

Travel Coverage

Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefit

Up to $25,000

Repatriation of Remains Benefit

Up to $10,000

Trip Interruption Benefit

Up to $1,000

Additional Coverage Options

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit

Up to $25,000 Principal Sum

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