Buying Travel Insurance From the US vs. Your Home Country

Buying Travel Insurance From the US vs. Your Home Country

Are you planning a trip to the USA for yourself or your parents? Travel insurance should be your top priority. Here’s why – it covers apparent risks and unforeseen events that would otherwise prove to be an exorbitant expense.

Apart from financial risk and liability, it also protects you from emotional stress. Travel insurance for a trip to the US can be a real blessing. However, certain factors need to be kept in mind while you decide to choose your overseas travel insurance:

Tips to Keep In Mind Before You Decide on a Travel Insurance Plan

Length of Stay

Planning comes to the fore when you want to buy the best overseas travel insurance policy. You need to consider the duration of the stay. The length of the stay will determine the cost of your overseas travel insurance. The longer your visit, the higher the price.

Distance of Travel

The cost and coverage of the overseas travel insurance will change with the distance. The travel insurance is tailored according to the duration of flights and the distance that is to be traveled. This is one of the foremost factors determining the best affordable travel insurance.

Medical Conditions

One of the critical factors for choosing the best travel insurance is health. If there is a pre-existing condition that the individual would be traveling with, it would be essential to check the list of inclusions provided for health coverage under the policy. 

It would also make sense to inquire if the intended travel insurance policy covers the replacement expenses of medicines in the United States or not. 

Cancellation Coverage

The cancellation service cover helps if the flight is canceled due to any unforeseen circumstances.


Inquiring about riders to ensure adequate insurance coverage for expensive items like laptops, electronic items, etc., that one plans to carry on the trip.

If you plan to participate in certain activities like Skiing or any other sport, do check if the plan will cover these activities; if not, then can a rider be bought to get them covered. Never assume that a plan will cover all activities.over everything. 

Coverage Type

It would make a lot of sense to find out more about the coverage type provided by the intended travel insurance plan. Generally, travel insurance in the US are of two broad types: Fixed and Comprehensive. 

Once these points have been addressed, it becomes easier to identify the ideal travel insurance plan that best suits your needs. The next question that arises is whether it is better to buy travel insurance from the USA or the home country? 

Let’s look at the advantages of buying travel insurance from the USA.

Advantages of Buying Travel Insurance from the USA

The Convenience of Comparing and Purchasing Travel Insurance Online

The ease of purchasing travel insurance from the USA is one of the biggest advantages in its favor. It is possible to get instant quotes from companies across the States conveniently. Comparing these quotes can be constructive in deciding the most suitable travel insurance. 

Availability of Specialists 

Licensed agents based in the USA help select a suitable travel insurance plan. These specialists are well versed in the nuances of international travel and the health care system in the USA.

Strictly Regulated Industry 

In the United States, the insurance industry is highly regulated. The rules governing the insurance industry are stringent, and there is absolutely no doubt that you will get benefits as per your policy. Just knowing this will add to your peace of mind and will make your trip more pleasurable.

Highly Rated Insurance Companies

A.M.Best is the world’s oldest and most authoritative source of insurance company information and ratings. It is the insurance industry’s standard measure of an insurer’s financial performance. Best insurance companies in the US offering travel insurance are rated A++, A+, A, or A- by A.M. Best. Most of them are also members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

BBB’s Grades represent the degree of confidence that the Bureau has in the member in question. BBB member businesses assures that they are operating in a trustworthy manner and will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns filed with the BBB.

Most products offered by the insurance companies are connected to a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) network, which is a network of doctors, hospitals, and other providers contracted with the insurance company.

Operational Advantages  

If you choose to buy travel insurance from the USA, you will find many choices to suit your needs, budget, and desired coverage. Most offered plans are extendable – a significant advantage in case the duration of the stay is uncertain. 

Claim processing is faster, while the paperwork and follow-up are comparatively lesser. In the case of an early departure, most plans are refundable, albeit subject to some conditions. There is a probability that your home country’s insurance company may not be recognized in the United States. It is also a fact that US health care providers find it more convenient to deal with US-based insurance companies.

Advantages of Buying Travel Insurance From the Home Country


Buying travel insurance from the home country is definitely cheaper as compared to travel insurance bought from the United States.

Country Specific Coverage

The main benefit of a travel insurance plan bought for your home country usually includes other travel related risks that are unique to your home country such as travel assistance and assistance for lost or delayed baggage. Some insurance companies also offer a hijack cover. 


People find it easier to deal with insurance companies in their home country as they are familiar with them. Most of them are already associated with one or more insurance companies. Therefore they find it simpler to deal with a known entity.

Travel Insurance from the US – The More Worthy

US-based comprehensive coverage plans may cost slightly more, but they are worth their weight in gold when measured in terms of convenience. Paying a little extra could buy you a hassle-free journey, which you would enjoy even more knowing that unprecedented risks will be taken care of by your travel insurance.

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