Review of Tokio Marine Holdings Insurance company

Review of Tokio Marine Holdings Insurance company

The Tokio Marine Group is a leading international speciality insurance group with its headquarters in Tokyo Japan.

Tokio Marine group based out of Japan with offices across the globe provides a broad range of products and services that have a strong competitive position in the international insurance industry.

The objective of the group is the management of non-life insurance companies, life insurance companies specialized security companies and foreign companies engaged in insurance businesses.

In this article, we will review and analyse travel health insurance provided by  Tokio Marine HCC.

Tokio Trip Insurance reviews will help you make an informed decision regarding travel insurance plans offered by them.

Tokio Marine HCC and WorldTrips

Tokio Marine HCC is a member of Tokio Marine Group, they own and operate their travel insurance and trip insurance products under the brand ‘WorldTrips’

WorldTrips offers a comprehensive portfolio of travel medical insurance and trip protection insurance products designed to address the insurance requirements of travellers insurance worldwide.

Established in 1998, WorldTrips was acquired by Tokio Marine Holdings Inc. in 2015, expanding its reach in the international community.

WorldTrips travel medical and trip protection products are used by thousands of individuals, families, corporates and service groups around the world.

WorldTrips Travel Medical Insurance ProductsInclusions

WorldTrips travel medical insurance products include:

  • US citizens who are travelling or residing outside the United States
  • Non-US citizens travelling or residing in the United States or abroad
  • Sales professionals and frequent travellers taking multiple International trips in a year
  • Student groups, mission groups, friend groups and families travelling abroad.
  • International students

Visitor Insurance Plans

Let’s take a look at their visitor insurance plans under the Atlas Travel Series.

The Atlas Travel Insurance series is specially designed to provide best-in-class coverage for  sickness,  illness, or injury arising from unforeseen accidents that occur while an individual or family is visiting the USA or travelling out of their  home country, to begin with

Atlas America Insurance

Atlas America Insurance is a comprehensive medical insurance plan for visitors to the USA or international travellers to America, visiting or staying in the USA or most foreign destinations outside the home country, for a short term duration.

This renewable policy can be purchased from 5 days to 364 days. It includes coverage for testing and treatment of Covid-19 and benefits for emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, terrorism, political evacuation and certain adventure sports.

Atlas Premium Insurance 

The Atlas Premium Insurance Plan for USA Visitors and international travellers is a high-end plan. It includes acute-onset of pre-existing conditions and higher liability coverage limits.

The Atlas Premium Plan provides the same benefits as the Atlas Travel Plan but Includes higher coverage.

It is considered one of the best high-end premium coverage plans for parents or relatives or tourists visiting the USA. Business travellers also find it very suitable.

The travel medical coverage can be purchased for a period of 5 days to 364 days and is extendable up to 12 months of continuous coverage.

Atlas Essential Insurance

Atlas Essential Insurance is a basic comprehensive plan for international travellers or visitors to the USA. It has a renewable purchase coverage from 5 days to 364 days.

This comprehensive visitor medical insurance plan offers maximum coverage limits of up to USD 1 million.Covid-19 is covered like any other eligible illness. Other coverage benefits include medically supervised emergency evacuations and emergency reunions for repatriation of mortal remains.

The plan includes an optional hazardous sports rider and a home country return rider which provides temporary medical coverage for non-US citizens returning to the country of citizenship.

Travel Medical Insurance for International Trips

Atlas Travel Insurance 

Atlas Travels provide flexible coverage for travelling abroad. It is available to citizens and residents of most countries who are travelling outside their home country.

A suitable plan can be built by choosing deductibles, coverage length, and overall maximum coverage.

There is an option to increase the coverage for several key benefits upon purchase, as well.

The highlights of the plan are:

  • Overall maximum coverage has an upper limit of $2,000,000/-.
  • Emergency medical evacuation has a maximum coverage of $1,000,000/-.
  • Trip interruption is covered up to  $10,000/-.
  • $ 25,000/- is the upper limit for personal liability.
  • Eligible expenses related to Covid-19 are covered under the plan.
  • Coinsurance covers 100% of eligible expenses up to the overall maximum limit after the deductible.
  • Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition is covered up to the overall maximum limit. It excludes chronic and congenital conditions and is only available for members under the age of 80.
  • Charges resulting directly or indirectly from any pre-existing condition except as covered under the acute onset of pre-existing condition benefit are not included in the plan.
  • A pre-existing condition is defined as any condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was recommended or received within two years before the effective date of coverage.
  • The plan defines the acute onset of a pre-existing condition as a sudden and unexpected outbreak or occurrence of a pre-existing condition that occurs spontaneously and without advance warning either in the form of physician recommendations or symptoms.
  • It is mandatory that treatment must be obtained within 24 hours of the sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence.
  • Routine medical examinations, routine prenatal care, pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care, mental disorders, medical expenses for injury or illness resulting from participation in extreme sports are excluded from the plan.

Atlas Premium Insurance

The highest coverage limits of all the plans in the Atlas series are provided by Atlas Premium Insurance.

This plan also provides the option of choosing deductibles, coverage length and overall maximum coverage. The plan highlights include:

  • Overall maximum coverage has an upper limit of $ 2.000,000/-
  • Emergency medical evacuation has a maximum coverage of $ 1,000,000/-
  • Trip interruption is covered up to  $ 15,000/-
  • $ 100,000/- is the upper limit for personal liability
  • Medical coverage for eligible expenses related to Covid-19 is available under the plan.
  • Coinsurance covers 100% of eligible expenses up to the overall maximum limit after the deductible.
  • Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition is covered up to the overall maximum limit. It excludes chronic and congenital conditions and is only available for members under the age of 80.
  • Insurance exclusions for this plan are similar to those mentioned for the Atlas Travel Insurance Plan.

Atlas Group Insurance

Atlas Group Insurance provides travel groups with flexible budget-friendly coverage to groups of 5+ as they travel abroad. The highlights of this plan are:

  • 10% reduction on the Atlas travel insurance rates
  •  Overall maximum coverage up to $ 2,000,000/-
  • Emergency medical evacuation up to  $ 1,000,000/- which includes coverage for injuries resulting from covered sports and activities.
  • 24/7 emergency travel assistance services are available.
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions excluding chronic and congenital conditions and available to members under the age of 80 covered up to the overall maximum limit.
  • Emergency Quarantine Indemnity for Covid-19 is $ 50/-  per day for up to 10 days. Proof of quarantine mandate by a physician or government authority is required.
  • This indemnity is available outside the home country and the traveller must have a minimum of 30 days of coverage to avail of this facility.

Atlas Multi-Trip

Atlas Multi-Trip is an ideal travel medical insurance option for travellers who plan to take multiple trips abroad in 1 year.

A single payment ensures international health coverage for any number of pre-planned or last-minute trips up to 30 of 45 days each in 364 days.

It is designed for business travellers seeking a budget-friendly health insurance solution for frequent international work travel and for international travellers who take multiple trips abroad each year.

The significant features of this plan are:

  • Unexpected medical expenses including eligible expenses related to Covid-19 are covered
  • The maximum overall coverage is  $ 1,000,000/-
  • Emergency medical evacuation is covered for up to  $ 1,000,000/-
  • The maximum limit for personal liability is $ 25,000/-
  • Advantage of adding coverage for spouse and/or children.

StudentSecure Insurance

An unexpected injury or illness at any time during one’s international studies can result in a steep rise in personal expenses.

This is where the StudentSecure plan steps in and reduces your liability. All the four plans-  Elite, Select,  Budget and Smart, under this segment include multilingual travel assistance services.

Some of the important common features are:-

  • Medical benefits such as hospital room and board, Intensive Care Unit, and local ambulance are included.
  • All four plans meet J-1  Visa requirements
  • Leisure sports and activities coverage is included.
  • Certain outpatient prescription drugs and mental health coverage are available.
  • The monthly payment option for premium payment can be availed.  There is an option for savings on paying the full premium in advance.
  • Overall maximum benefit under Elite is $ 5,000,000/-, under Select is $ 600,000/-. The budget has a maximum limit of $ 500,000/- and Smart has a maximum coverage of $ 200,000/-.
  • Maximum benefits for injury or illness under Elite, Select, Budget, and Smart are $ 500,000/-,$ 300,000/-, $ 250,000/- and $ 100,000/- respectively.
  • Deductibles excepting the emergency room are $ 25/-,$ 35/-, $ 45/-, and $ 50/- per injury or illness for Elite, Select, Budget, and Smart.
  • For treatment received in an emergency room under the Elite plan, the deductible is $100/-. Under the Select plan, the deductible is $ 200/- and $ 350/- is the deductible under the Budget and Smart Plan.
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions is capped at $ 25,000/- lifetime maximum for eligible expenses.

WorldTrips is global and a good company that is a member of the Tokio Marine HCC Group of Companies.

Tokio Marine HCC’s major domestic insurance companies have financial strength ratings of:

  • “A+ (Strong)” from S&P Global Ratings
  • “A++ (Superior)” from A.M. Best, and
  • “AA- (Very Strong)” from Fitch Ratings;

Major international insurance companies have financial strength ratings of “A+ (Strong)” from S&P Global Ratings.

WorldTrips Atlas Travel Series and Student Secure International travel medical insurance products are underwritten by Lloyd’s.

WorldTrips Atlas products are flexible and convenient, which accounts for their popularity. What’s more, they are budget-friendly and provide travel insurance cover for unforeseen medical expenses.