Should You Buy Visitor Insurance For USA – From USA or Home Country?

When people travel to the United States, they know how important it is to purchase travel insurance. However, they are not sure where they should purchase the insurance from – their home country or destination country, the US. If you are traveling to the US, you should be purchasing the visitor insurance from the United States. Here are the top reasons why:

Direct Billing May Save On Out-Of-Pocket Expenses
The medical facilities bill the insurance company directly, so you may not have to pay upfront. That means that you may not have out-of-pocket expenses on your trip to worry about. Additionally, it makes the claims process easier and more comfortable.

Faster Claims Process
Claims can be paid faster when both the insurance company and the medical providers are in the same country. It will be easier for the insurance companies and the medical providers to get in touch with each other, handle any disputes, and process the claims, because they are in the same country.

US Insurance Industry is Regulated
Insurance companies in the United States are regulated by the government. They are expected to follow rules that are strict. This ensures that you get what you have been promised. There are less chances for you to be stuck with some bills, because the insurance companies in the US have to follow these strict guidelines.

Various Coverage Types
The insurance companies in the United States offer two main types of insurance coverage, which includes comprehensive coverage plans and fixed coverage plans. Comprehensive plans offer more travel and health coverage than fixed coverage plans, but fixed coverage plans are less expensive. The fixed plans are useful because they can offer minimal coverage, but most travelers prefer comprehensive coverage, so that one incident doesn’t end up costing a lot.

Customer Service in the Same Time Zone
When you are traveling and you have a question about your coverage, the medical facilities that are covered in the PPO network, or another queries, you want to be able to get ahold of someone. That is why it is better to have a company that is in the same time zone. It will be easier to get hold of their customer service department when you need them.

PPO Network Options
In the US, there are Preferred Provider Organizations that work with insurance companies to bring down the medical costs. If the doctor or hospital that you visit in an emergency is in the preferred network, the expenses are less. This can save money out of pocket for co-payments or reduce the risks associated with the fixed coverage not covering the entire costs for the service. It is a way to save more money on your medical expenses.

Renewable Policy
Visitor Insurance policies that offer renewable policy coverage are important to have. They allow for re-insurability, guaranteed. That means that if you were out of the country and you needed to extend your coverage to continue medical treatment, this policy option allows you to be re-insurable.

Visitor Insurance From Home Country

Visitor insurance from a home country may be available, but it may not be the best option when traveling to the United States. Many policies from non-US visitor insurance companies may not offer the same quality of services. Non-US visitor insurance policies may be less expensive but fail to be recognized by medical providers in the United States or may not be accepted by certain hospitals and doctors.

There is also the concern over whether the policy holder is in the same time zone as the insurance company. It may be difficult to discuss matters regarding your policy, when the company is not in the same time zone. Depending on where you are, there may be a 12-hour time difference, which can make it hard to communicate and get things done.

Medical care can be costly and when traveling abroad, you need to ensure that you have protection against these costly expenses. You can’t plan for an illness or injury, so you want to make sure that you are protected with the right coverage from the country you are traveling to. Most visitor insurance plans can be purchased right online. When it comes to protecting your health, you want to make sure that you are making the right choices. Getting your visitor insurance from a US provider is the best bet when traveling to the US.

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