The AD&D Coverage On Your Travel Insurance Is Really Worth It

The AD&D Coverage On Your Travel Insurance Is Really Worth It

Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage will help pay for expenses caused by a death or loss of limb due to an accident. It will not cover loss of life or limb due to an illness, however. AD&D is good coverage to have when you are traveling in case of any risks you take while you are traveling. Do you plan on doing outdoor sports or climbing cliffs? Will you be using heavy machinery or driving boats or fast cars? Any activity you do that is risky to your health and well-being could result in an accident. And that’s what AD&D coverage will help reimburse you for.

What Accidental Death Covers

When you opt for AD&D coverage you will be asked to name a beneficiary in case of your death. Should you be in an accident while traveling that causes your death, the lump sum benefit will go to your beneficiary. The beneficiary should not be someone who goes on the trip with you, but should be someone that you would otherwise put as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy. The lump sum is only paid out if you die due to an accident, not an illness, surgery, drug overdose, or suicide. If you are going on a high-risk trip, consider adding an AD&D rider to your travel policy.

What Accidental Dismemberment Covers

Dismemberment is typically defined as the loss of a limb. It can also be defined as loss of sight, speech, hearing, or paralysis. When you choose to add an AD&D rider, you will choose the amount of insurance you would like to have. A typically AD&D policy will offer $50,000 in coverage, but you can ask for more or less. Depending on the injury, some or all of the coverage will be awarded to you in a lump sum after the accident. You should read the documentation that comes with the policy before your trip so you know what to expect in case of an accident. Dismemberment is not covered in case of battlefield injuries or suicide attempts.

Is Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage Worth It?

When deciding if an AD&D policy is right for you, really think about the risks you will be taking on your trip. Even a plane ride constitutes a risk. But for the thrill seekers, the ones who go sky diving and bungee jumping and skiing, AD&D coverage is there in case of the worst of accidents. It’s also a peace of mind to your loved ones in case the accident leads to death. It is not a life insurance policy, but does give a lump sum benefit to a beneficiary of your choosing. In terms of risk versus reward, having adding AD&D as a rider to your policy is a pretty cost effective add on. Some policies may even have some form of AD&D coverage in the policy itself. But the more risks you think you will take, the more coverage you will want to take out.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment isn’t a pleasant topic, of course. No one wants to think about losing a limb or dying from an accident. But we have to think about these things when we plan on long term travel. In case of the unthinkable, AD&D coverage will pay out a lump sum to cover hospital bills or funeral costs.

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