Hop! Travel Assist – Travel Assistance for Pre-Existing Conditions

Hop! Travel Assist – Travel Assistance for Pre-Existing Conditions

Hop Travel Assist for Pre-Existing Conditions

Hop! Travel Assist is a comprehensive travel assistance membership program offering a range of benefits and assistance options for international trips.

This is a great option like travel insurance and functions like one.

It is available to international travelers, traveling worldwide, outside their home country, It takes care of international travelers’ needs by providing assistance services and support while they are visiting a new country.

It provides medical services, emergency medical assistance, and non-medical assistance for travelers.

Best for Pre-Existing Conditions, Visitors to the USA, Visitors Worldwide, COVID-19 Coverage

Hop offers real-time assistance during unforeseen events, and benefits for travel needs, through a team of multilingual staff:

  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Trip Cancellations
  • Cruise Cover
  • Lost Baggage
  • Trip Interruption
  • Trip Delay
  • Missed Connection
  • Flight Rebooking
  • and more…

Note: Hop! is a travel assistance membership program, it is not a Travel Insurance Product. It does provide support services during a medical emergency and other benefits that you get with a travel insurance product.

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Hop! Membership Plan Options

Hop Travel Assist Membership Options

Hop! Travel Assistance plan has five individual plans, each with a certain level of coverage:

  • Classico: $10,000
  • Ultra: $30,000
  • Ultra Plus: $60,000
  • VIP: $100,000
  • VIP Plus: $250,000

Whatever the choice of your plan, all the Hop! Travel Assist plans cover

  • 100% of the medical assistance level or
  • The Pre Existing assistance level

As outlined in the membership subscription agreement

Hop! Travel Assist Plan Cost

Hop Travel Assist Travel Assistance Cost

Hop! Travel Assist Plan – Unique Feature

A unique feature of Hop! Travel Assistance plan is a guaranteed cashless claims process. A member using Hop! Travel Assistance services need not pay out of pocket for medical expenses. Hop! takes care of it.

While traveling in an unfamiliar location, if a member needs medical assistance, The Member can simply call Hop! Travel Assistance plan and then Hop! take care of all the process.

This includes fixing appointments with doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.

Not only this but after the member receives the necessary medical care, you need not worry about the financial aspect and need not worry about paying out-of-pocket, The process of payment will be taken care of by Hop!

Important Features of Hop! Travel Assistance Services

Providing benefits for stabilization of sickness and accident (New as well as Pre-existing). Medical Assistance is provided until the condition stabilizes.

This feature is extremely important during emergencies or urgent care treatments arising while traveling.

Apart from this valuable feature, there are some other Innovative features as well like:

  • Guaranteed Cashless Claims: Via Hop! Assist
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: Medical assistance for pre-existing conditions
  • Coverage: All plans cover 100% of eligible Medical Expenses with medical access expenses of $0, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000
  • Smartdelay: Smartdelay included in all memberships
  • PPO Discounts: PPO discounts via United Healthcare (Discounts on vaccinations included)
  • COVID-19: Medical assistance for COVID-19
  • Free Priority Pass: Free Priority Pass Airport Lounge Membership
  • 24/7 Assistance: Hop Assist Makes your appointments 24/7
  • Trip Interruption Benefit: Offers Trip Interruption Benefits

What is Hop! Travel Assistance Plan?

Hop! is a travel assistance for international trips and requires a membership to avail of services.

It offers 100% payment for medical and travel assistance to the listed maximum in the membership’s general conditions

The program is offered to persons traveling on a limited-duration trip (364 days or less) to anywhere in the world outside their home country

Hop! Travel Assist provides 24/7 responsive claims, emergency travel, and medical assistance from any device, any time, any place

The program also includes a concierge team that makes all the arrangements and appointments for travelers while they are traveling abroad

The travel assistance and medical assistance teams are available 24/7 to provide immediate help in case of emergencies

Hop! Travel Assist offers benefits for:

  • Cruise
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • And more…

Hop! Travel Assist Medical & Travel Assistance Services

Hop! Travel Assist covers a broad range of medical and travel assistance for international trips, including but not limited to:

  • Guaranteed cashless claims via Hop! Assist
  • Medical Assistance for Accident or Illness
  • Medical Assistance for Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Medical assistance for COVID-19
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Dental Emergency
  • Repatriation of Remains
  • Air Ambulance (Optional)

Medical Benefits of Hop! Travel Assist

Hop! Travel Assist Medical Assistance Benefit
Hop! Travel Assist Medical Assistance Benefit
Hop! Travel Assist Medical Assistance Benefit
Hop! Travel Assist Medical Assistance Benefit
Hop! Travel Assist Medical Assistance Benefit
Hop! Travel Assist Medical Assistance Benefit
  1. Guaranteed Cashless Claims vis Hop Assist
  2. Medical Assistance for accident or illness
  3. Medical assistance for COVID-19
  4. Prescription Drugs
  5. Dental Emergency
  6. Repatriation Of Remains
  7. Air Ambulance – Optional
  8. Medical Clearance and Fit-To-Fly Assessments
  9. Physical, Hospital, Dental, and Vision referrals via Hop Assist
  10. Emergency Prescription Replacement
  11. Medical Cost Containment, Expense Recovery, and Overseas Investigation
  12. Dispatch of Doctor or Specialist
  13. Medical Payment Arrangements
  14. Medical Bill Audit
  15. Medical Equipment Rental and Replacement
  16. In-Patient/Out-patient Care management

Non-Medical Benefits of Hop! Travel Assist

  1. Trip Interruption
  2. Trip Cancellation
  3. Transportation of Family Members due to Hospitalization
  4. Hotel Expenses due to COVID Quarantine
  5. Missed Connection/Coordination
  6. Baggage Delay/Lost Bag Search
  7. Flight Rebooking
  8. Hotel; Rebooking
  9. Lost Passport And Travel Documents
  10. Emergency Cash Transfer
  11. Roadside Assistance

Benefits of Hop! Travel Assist Membership

Hop! Travel Assist membership offers a broad range of benefits for medical and travel assistance

The program provides 100% payment for medical and travel assistance to the listed maximum in the membership’s general conditions

Hop! Travel Assist offers comprehensive medical and travel support, including medical assistance for pre-existing conditions

The program covers Covid-19 medical assistance

Hop! Travel Assist also has benefits for cruise, trip cancellation, and much more

If flights are delayed or canceled, Hop! provides for the cost of rebooking. Lost or delayed baggage, lost passports or travel documents, and emergency cash transfers are all covered as well

The travel assist program also offers security assistance while traveling outside of one’s home country

One of the very unique features of Hop! Travel Assist is the guaranteed cashless claims process.

This means that if a member uses Hop! assistance services, they don’t have to worry about paying anything out of pocket for medical expenses. Instead, Hop! takes care of everything for them, making it extremely easy and stress-free to use the program

Medical Assistance of Hop! Travel Assist for Pre-Existing Conditions

Hop! Travel Assist provides benefits for the stabilization of sicknesses and accidents, whether new or pre-existing

Hop! Travel Assist offers comprehensive coverage for full pre-existing, acute onset of pre-existing conditions, and COVID-19

Hop! Travel Assist covers pre-existing conditions for stabilization and emergency room to 100% of assistance level

Hop! TripAssist Plus provides coverage for worsening pre-existing conditions.

Hop! Travel Assist additional benefits, apart from the medical assistance:

Hop! Travel Assist Additional Travel Assistance
  • Coverage for Prescription Drugs
  • Dental Emergencies
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Coverage in case of unfortunate event of accidental Death
  • Hotel expenses for Quarantine due to COVID-19
  • Air Ambulance(optional), requiring evacuation
  • Assistance for medical clearance & fit to fly assessments
  • Provides referrals for Physicians, Hospitals, dental care, vision care

Providing all the benefits to ensure you have access to quality healthcare wherever required.

Hop! Travel Assist other benefits, Beyond Medical Coverage:

Hop! Travel Assist Travel Assistance Benefit
Hop! Travel Assist Travel Assistance Benefit
Hop! Travel Assist Travel Assistance Benefit
  • Trip Interruptions
  • Trip Cancelations (Covers cost of rebooking)
  • Flight Delays (Covers cost of rebooking)
  • Flight Cancellations
  • Assistance if Death or critical illness of an immediate family member
  • Assistance if a Serious Disaster back home
  • Coverage for Lost or Delayed Baggage
  • Lost passport or Travel Documents

What is the Duration of HOP! Travel Assist Membership

Hop! Travel Assist membership is offered for a limited duration trip of 364 days or less to anywhere in the world outside the home country

There is no waiting period to access the assistance provided by this membership if the membership is enrolled before the trip start date

Hop! Travel Assist requires members to contact Hop Assist within certain times to access benefits.

  • Non-Life-Threatening Medical Assistance requires notification within 7 days of the first symptom.
  • Life-threatening Medical Assistance needs to be reported within 48 hours of the first symptom.
  • Travel Assistance requires notification within 24 hours of the incident

Travel assistance programs arrange and pay for members away from home to find and obtain emergency medical care in an unfamiliar place, and to return members home when stabilized

If in need of assistance, regardless of where you are the member should always contact the Hop Assist. All assistance is provided and administered by Hop Assist.

Hop Assist is open 24/7/365 days and operates in all the countries not sanctioned by the United States.

NOTE: Expenses rendered outside of Hop Assist are not eligible for benefits. Hop Assist must be informed of assistance services in order to access benefits.

Hop! Travel Assist Security Assistance

Hop! Travel Assist Security Assistance Benefits
Hop! Travel Assist Security Assistance Benefits

The Hop! Travel Assist additionally offers security assistance to members while traveling outside their home country.

To get security and safety advice there is a

  • 24/7 point of contact to report emergencies & get security and safety advice from the duty manager

Security Assistance is offered in cases of

  • Major Disaster,
  • Mass public disturbances,
  • Violent terrorist or extremist incidents

Hop! Travel Assist offers optional add-ons for

  • Hijacking
  • Kidnaping for ransom
  • Political and security evacuation

The Travel Assistance Number Isn’t Just for Emergencies

The travel assistance number provided is not just for emergencies, but also for accessing the benefits and services offered.

How to Buy Hop! Travel Assist Plans

To Buy Hop!

Visit The Hop! Travel Assist website or authorized partner websites

  • Choose the plan
  • Check eligibility requirements
  • Fill out the application form
  • Pay the premiums as per the plan chosen
  • Receive the confirmation of the purchase and policy documents

Alternatively, Here are links to buy Hop! Travel Assist, choose the plan that best suits your needs by clicking from the links below

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To buy Plan click the below

Hop Mindoro

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Hop VIP Plus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hop Travel Assist?

Hop! Travel Assist is a travel assistance membership Program designed to solve travelers’ needs while they visit a new country outside their home country.

Does Hop! Travel Assist covers Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

Yes, Hop Travel Assist offers medical assistance for Pre-Existing Medical conditions.

What does Hop! Travel Assist Provide?

Hop! Travel Assist provides medical assistance, Travel Assistance, and Security Assistance to travelers and offers benefits for Trip cancelation, Pre-existing Conditions, Cruise, and more…

What is a unique feature of Hop! Travel Assist?

A unique valuable feature of Hop! Travel Assist is its Guaranteed cashless claims process

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