CoverAmerica Gold vs. Atlas America Insurance – Comparison

CoverAmerica Gold vs. Atlas America Insurance – Comparison

CoverAmerica Gold vs. Atlas America will help you select the best option out of these for your travel insurance needs.

These are two of the most popular visitors’ insurance plans if you are considering travel insurance plans for visiting the USA.

Visitors Insurance is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you require it. However, once you find yourself in a scenario where you could need travel medical insurance aka visitors insurance, it is crucial to have a comprehensive medical coverage plan in place.

Healthcare costs in the USA are extremely high and you are better protected with insurance for unforeseen medical emergencies.

These visitors’ insurance plans have several features and/or restrictions that make them more suitable for particular types of travelers.

Let’s understand the similarities and differences between each travel medical insurance plan.

CoverAmerica Gold vs Atlas America
CoverAmerica Gold vs Atlas America, key differences

Key Highlights: CoverAmerica Gold vs. Atlas America Travel Medical Insurance Plans

CoverAmerica Gold travel medical insurance plan and Atlas America insurance are amongst the best travel insurance policies for U.S. travelers, even though there are several visitor insurance plans available.

Both are highly popular, all-inclusive visitor insurance plans with a sterling reputation. Both plans offer coverage for COVID-19.

There are significant variances between these two visitors’ insurance plans, despite their many similarities. Both plans offer access to the PPO Network, they provide United Healthcare PPO.

The following comparison charts may assist you in selecting the appropriate insurance plan for your needs.

CoverAmerica Gold vs Atlas America
CoverAmerica Gold vs. Atlas America

Here is a chart detailing the Limits of each CoverAmerica Gold and Atlas America:

CoverAmerica Gold vs Atlas America
CoverAmerica Gold vs. Atlas America

About CoverAmerica Gold Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Comprehensive Travel Medical Insurance is provided by the CoverAmerica – Gold travel insurance plan. It provides sufficient coverage to the insured both in the United States and for international travel from the United States to specified other nations.

To answer the question of insurance for parents traveling to the United States, the CoverAmerica Gold plan should be considered while evaluating travel insurance for the United States.

Generally, parents who travel abroad are concerned about pre-existing condition coverage. This plan’s comprehensive benefits package includes coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

The plan pays for medical expenses in case of a new sickness or injury or for any other eligible incident. This is a highly popular travel medical insurance plan.

See our video on YouTube on the top 10 benefits of CoverAmerica Gold Travel Insurance

About Atlas America Insurance – Comprehensive Plan

Regardless of your motivation, overseas travel should be an enjoyable experience.

Life is filled with complications and emergencies, such as disease, injury, and natural calamities. While we hope none of these events occur, we are prepared to assist if they do.

Therefore, Atlas Travel (Atlas America) offers coverage for unanticipated medical bills, emergency travel perks, and multilingual travel help services.

Atlas America meets visitors’ insurance needs for comprehensive coverage while visiting the United States for business or pleasure.

Individuals, families, business travelers, and groups of five or more travelers can access the plan’s comprehensive worldwide benefits 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Atlas America insurance plan is offered for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 364 days, with a wide range of plan maximum limits and deductible options.

The Atlas America insurance plan is designed to cover your unforeseen medical expenses.

In addition, Atlas America insurance provides exceptional perks and services to fulfill your international travel requirements. This is a highly popular visitor insurance plan.

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Travel Insurance Cost? Which Is Cost-Effective vis-a-vis The Benefits?

The plans are competitively priced when it comes to similar comprehensive coverage plans. See the example below of the difference in premium between CoverAmerica Gold and Atlas America Insurance:

CoverAmerica Gold vs Atlas America
CoverAmerica Gold vs Atlas America, Premium Cost

The premium for the same terms for Patriot America Plus and Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Insurance, two other highly popular visitors’ insurance plans:

  • Patriot America Plus would be $120.90
  • Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan is $119.70

Patriot America Plus vs. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plans

Please note that premiums are subject to change depending on several factors and the insurance providers may also make changes to plan premiums.

Get a free no-obligation quote to see the current prices.

Covid 19 Coverage

Cover America Gold Comprehensive travel insurance offers coverage for COVID-19 expenses and treatment as any other illness/sickness as per policy terms.

Atlas America insurance offers COVID-19 coverage as any other illness or injury and meets the policy terms for an illness (illness occurred after the policy effective date).

If covid-19 was acquired before the policy effective date then the plan will not provide covid coverage.

So as far as Covid-19 is concerned the insured person is covered by both travel medical insurance plans during the policy period.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Cover

These travel health insurance plans extend Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Condition Coverage.

Acute onset of pre-existing conditions is an important element to note, If you have parents visiting the USA and you are looking for travel insurance with pre-existing conditions coverage then these plans won’t meet your requirements.

If you need travel insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions, consider the following travel insurance plans and Hop travel assistance plans:

Most travel medical insurance plans are not designed to cover a pre-existing condition but only to cover emergency medical expenses when abroad.

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance covers the Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions under 80 years of age, up to the maximum limit. $25,000 maximum limit for emergency medical evacuation due to a pre-existing condition:

  • Under Age 80: Up to Policy Maximum
  • No acute onset coverage for people over the age of 80

CoverAmerica Gold travel medical insurance coverage of Acute Pre-Existing Conditions is up to the policy maximum coverage for ages up to 70 years. For those over 70 years, up to 79 years get the acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage up to $30,000.

What is an Acute Onset of pre-existing conditions? 

Policy Maximum:

Policy maximum coverage comparison of these comprehensive coverage plans:

  • CoverAmerica Gold Policy Maximum Limit: $ 250,000
  • Atlas Travel Insurance Policy Maximum Limit: $ 1,000,000

Atlas Travel provides a 4 times higher option as a max coverage option under its travel medical insurance policy.

CoverAmerica Gold travel medical insurance policy offers 5 options on a policy maximum

  • Option 1. Policy Maximum of $50,000
  • Option 2: Policy Maximum of $100,000
  • Option 3: Policy Maximum of $250,000

The policy maximum for Senior Travelers is much less.

  • Insurance policy maximum coverage for Age 65 and older: $50,000 or $100,000

Atlas America offers 6 options:

  • Option 1. Policy Maximum of $50,000
  • Option 2: Policy Maximum of $100,000
  • Option 3: Policy Maximum of $250,000
  • Option 4: Policy Maximum of $500,000
  • Option 5: Policy Maximum of $1,000,000
  • Option 6: Policy Maximum of $2,000,000

The policy maximum for Senior travelers is much less.

  • Insurance policy maximum:
  • Age 65-79: $50,000/$100,000
  • Age 80+: $10,000

Atlas America provides more coverage options and higher policy maximum limits. How does this help the insured person? Higher policy maximum limit coverage means the plan pays for treatment up to that amount or limits as defined in the policy terms. Both plans provide up to $1,000,000 in medical evacuation limits.

Other Coverages

Travel health insurance plan pays for any covered illness or injury as eligible medical expenses. Any incident that is defined as covered in the policy document will also be paid for or reimbursed to you as per the terms and limits in the policy document.

Let’s take a birds-eye view of coverages: CoverAmerica Gold vs. Atlas America travel health insurance coverage limits:

Coverage Limits Cover America Gold vs Atlas America Insurance
Coverage Limits Cover America Gold vs Atlas America Insurance

Cover America Gold Insurance Plan Administrator – International Medical Group (IMG)

IMG Travel Insurance is one of the reputed insurance providers based out of Indianapolis. Some of the benefits of plans offered by International Medical Group are:

  1. Comprehensive plans offer coverage and access to a wide PPO Network
  2. They offer customer assistance and service so you can always have access when you need
  3. IMG offers a wide variety of travel insurance plans for every need
  4. IMG offers travel insurance plans that are very popular amongst parents visiting the USA like

Atlas America – WorldTrips

WorldTrips offers a comprehensive portfolio of travel medical insurance and trip protection insurance products designed to address the insurance requirements for international travel insurance, worldwide.

Established in 1998, WorldTrips was acquired by Tokio Marine Holdings Inc. in 2015, expanding its reach in the international community.

WorldTrips travel medical and trip protection products are used by thousands of individuals, families, corporations, and service groups around the world. Some of their most popular plans are:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I buy CoverAmerica Gold for my parents visiting the USA?

Yes, you can buy CoverAmerica Gold for your parents visiting the USA. It is a popular & amongst the best visitor insurance plans. A detailed CoverAmerica Gold Insurance Review will help you with more information on the plan.

Can I buy Atlas America for my parents visiting the USA?

Yes, you can buy Atlas America for your parents visiting the USA. It is a popular & amongst the best visitor insurance plans, see complete details on Atlas America insurance information and benefits.

Is Atlas America Plus a good travel insurance plan?

Yes, it is one of the highest-selling visitor insurance plans. The plan provides options to get plan maximum coverage as high as $2,000,000 and a few good options for deductibles. The overall coverage offered is adequate for any situation that one can think of.

Which is a better plan, CoverAmerica Gold or Atlas America?

Better health insurance depends on your travel insurance needs. CoverAmerica Gold is designed for travelers coming into the USA and has some unique features in the plan. Whereas, Atlas Travel offers wide coverage and higher limits.

You can compare and buy visitor insurance from a reputed travel insurance marketplace like OnshoreKare.

What is Border Entry Protection?

If you are denied entry into the USA at a port of entry then the travel health insurance plans reimburse you for the border entry protection coverage if offered under the plan.

Both Cover America Gold and Atlas Travel medical insurance pay for border entry protection if you are denied entry under a B-1/B-2 visa and B-2 visa respectively for these plans.

The limits are up to $550 and $500 respectively.

Do I get access to the PPO Network under these plans?

Yes under both plans you have access to PPO Network.

Which other plans can I consider apart from CoverAmerica Gold and Atlas Travel?

We have covered some of the best-selling visitors’ insurance:


Travel Medical insurance policy is one of the top considerations when we travel, especially when we have family members visiting the USA.

Both CoverAmerica Gold and Atlas Travel are very popular plans for international visitors to the USA. The health care costs coverage offered under Atlas Travel is better with higher coverage limit options than Cover America Gold.

Always travel under the cover of insurance!