Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance provides maximum protection from any unseen emergencies during travelling. If you love exploring several places then it is a good thing to purchase a travel coverage plan. If you face problems like lost baggage, trip or flight cancellation. The insurance coverage by your side will financially protect you from most of the expenses.

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What benefits does travel insurance provide?

Protect yourself and your family members with better coverage plans
Low-Cost insurance plans that are aligned to provide you maximum benefit
Customizable plans that cover medical expenses and suit your requirement

How OnshoreKare Can Help you?

OnshoreKare has several insurance plans that let you compare and choose the right one for you. It keeps you on top of all expenses and ensures a peace of mind by covering most of your accidental expenses while globetrotting.


Rekha Shetty

LA, California

We were apprehensive about whether we will be denied the claim on the ground of pre-existing condition. To my immense relief, the claim was settled quickly and directly with the hospital without any hassle.


How OnshoreKare Works

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Learn about which insurance is better for you by browsing through several of our articles, videos and other informative stuff and choose the insurance that fit your requirement perfectly.


See how you can choose the best.


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